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Youth and Athlete Leadership


Lead to Include Forum 2021

Capitalizing on the pool of top talents in the UAE Youth Federation Councils, Special Olympics UAE will host a 2-day forum exclusively for council members to learn and explore the creation of inclusive initiatives in government entities and organizations.

We aim to achieve impactful collaboration among community members and deliver leadership experiences for youth to inspire upcoming generations to become advocates for inclusion among their community.

The forum will feature teams that can create an inclusion initiative through a program, workshop, series of events, or a campaign in the UAE. Each team will be assigned a certain month to execute their initiative in their Emirate or city. Special Olympics UAE will fund the winning initiative.

The initiative can cover on one or more of the following themes: sports, health and fitness, leadership, family, technology, arts and school engagement.

Lead to Include Forum 2021 dates will be announced soon


For more information about Youth and Leadership programs, please contact: