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Unified Robotics

Special Olympics UAE Unified Robotics program is an enrichment experience aiming to involve neurodiverse children, in mainstream education, to the fields of STEM and robotics. The program aims to inspire them to consider STEM for further education and/or as a career path.

Neurodiverse students can join mainstream students to create meaningful relationships, learn effective communication skills, and explore different learning pathways, as they explore Lego therapy-based activities and robotics.

Unified Robotics works with schools across the UAE to emphasize inclusion, independent thinking, and highlight self-reliance skills for neurodiverse children.

Special Olympics UAE offers training opportunities for coaches and team mentors to learn the technology and principles of inclusion, in order to confidently guide teams of diverse learners through the season of collaboration, creation, and competition.

The program runs once every academic year and includes teacher training, kick-off events, competition events, awards in different categories for diverse age groups, allowing all athletes to shine.

Unified Team

Unified teams consist of both mainstream and neurodiverse students.

Unified Robotics works with students in both primary and secondary schools.

Unified Teams create a pathway to friendship and understanding.

What SO UAE provides

Coach Trainings, which cover the use of technology and inclusion practices.

Access to any necessary online platforms.

Action packed competitions.

Awards in both technical and non technical categories.

No registration or competition fees.


Training programs to ensure the inclusion of students with special educational needs in mainstream STEM classes within schools.

Establishment of STEM programs within special education centers.

Unified Robotics is a recreational sport for schools seeking Unified School or Unified Champion School status.


Innovate for Inclusion

The Innovation for Inclusion Award was introduced with the Unified Robotics 2021 competition. This award shines a light on the essence and purpose of Unified Robotics – to foster collaboration among students of all abilities to achieve excellence together as a unified team.

The award is presented annually to the school that demonstrates in the most compelling manner how STEM and technology activities such as Unified Robotics have been used within the school to promote inclusion.


For more information about Unified Champion Schools and other Special Olympics UAE initiatives, please contact

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